Experiencing the Unique Advantages with Tommy’s

At Tommy’s, we’ve honed our expertise in liaising closely with various embassies, specialising in arranging premium housing for diplomats. As a result, we’ve become the go-to property management company for diplomatic staff seeking residences in New Zealand. If you own a luxury property, partnering with us can secure lucrative, long-term cash flow, often spanning 3-5 years or more.

Financial Incentives in Diplomatic Renting

Renting to diplomats offers unique financial benefits. A notable advantage is the potential for having rates refunded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), depending on the properties use, and whether the lease is classified as commercial or residential. Furthermore, embassies often contribute to or completely cover property insurance, alleviating a significant expense for landlords. Additionally, embassies tend to make rental payments in bulk, meaning landlords may receive rent quarterly or bi-annually, providing substantial and predictable income streams.

Key Considerations in Diplomatic Leasing

  1. Extended Negotiation and Vacancy Periods: Embassies typically take about two months from viewing to finalising lease agreements. High-end properties also require longer marketing periods. We guide owners in how to prepare for these extended timelines, ensuring successful long-term leases.
  2. Property Modifications: Diplomatic tenants often request property alterations like painting, flooring updates, and security enhancements. We facilitate these adjustments, balancing costs between owners and tenants based on the lease duration.
  3. Specific Property Requirements: Diplomatic residences have unique criteria, including security, size, privacy, and location. Wellington’s housing landscape presents specific challenges, but Tommy’s excels in matching the right properties with embassy needs.

Navigating Special Lease Conditions

Renting to embassies introduces specific legal considerations, sometimes falling outside standard residential tenancy laws. Our expertise in managing these unique agreements, including understanding diplomatic immunities and protections, ensures a smooth, secure leasing experience.

Success Stories from Wellington

We’ve secured numerous, high-profile diplomatic leases across Wellington, demonstrating our capability and success in this niche market:

  • 5-year lease in Mt Victoria: $3,000/week
  • 3-year lease in Karori: $2,000/week
  • 3-year lease in Khandallah: $2,500/week
  • 2 year lease in Roseneath: $3,200/week
  • And more…

Tommy’s Exclusive Landlord Package

Our exclusive package for landlords interested in the diplomatic market includes a comprehensive property suitability assessment. Once qualified, your property joins our elite list of luxury rentals, ready for our executive clients. With Tommy’s, you gain advance notice of potential leases, ensuring ample time for any necessary arrangements.

Your Choice, Our Commitment

Listing your property with Tommy’s doesn’t obligate you to accept every offer. It means you get first access to our exclusive clientele. Given our experience with high-profile individuals, we prioritise your privacy and security, even if your property doesn’t meet the specific criteria for diplomatic leasing, we’re eager to explore other lucrative rental opportunities with you.

Partner with Tommy’s for unparalleled expertise in managing your luxury property for the diplomatic market. Contact us for an assessment and join our distinguished list of successful landlords. Check out more at tommysrentals.co.nz or call 04 381 8604

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