An investment partnership

We believe our relationship with you is an investment partnership, where we, along with our industry connections, help you grow into the property investor you have always dreamed of being.

Our lingo

we have done away with the traditional labels such as ‘tenant’ and ‘landlord’ instead we have gone for more modern and appropriate titles, residents and owners; this is who they truly are.

investment strategy

We appreciate that when you choose a property manager you are doing much more than that. You are selecting someone to work with you on your property investment strategy.

we get digital

We utilise technology every step of the way, allowing you, the owner, to have all the important information at your fingertips, whenever you want it.


Assessment of property

The initial phase is an assessment of the property. This process includes assessing the compliance of the property with the Building Code and the Healthy Home Standards. We will arrange several assessments on your behalf, organise marketing and arrange extra services, such as cleaners and gardeners, to ensure your property is looking its best. 

We utilise technology every step of the way, allowing you, the owner, to have all the important information at your fingertips, whenever you want it.


Resident selection

Our resident selection process is very robust. Using an online system called Renti, we can process many applications simultaneously. All applications are subject to background, police and employment checks as well as industry-standard credit checks.

When matching a resident to your property we will look for features of the property that will suit the resident; for example, if it is fully fenced or has a bath, it will suit families. This will ensure you have residents that are in a suitable home for them and are therefore likely to stay longterm and minimise vacancy.

The entire process is digital; residents and owners can sign documents with their fingertips on any device. By using the latest in technology we are able to ensure there is no delay getting contracts signed with full audit trails.


Resident selection

Tommy’s utilises the latest in photography technology to provide a wide range of immersive marketing, including 3D walkthrough tours, floor plans and professional photography.

All of this, combined with more traditional marketing tools such as signboards, flyers, websites (including Trade Me and and the well known ‘Tommy’s brand’, is the best marketing combination you can get in the Wellington market.

It is putting your best foot forward to secure the best tenancy for your rental.

Tommy’s tip:

There are many kinds of potential residents for your property in the market and they all have different budgets and requirements. We will assess what is currently on the market and what has been rented and advise you of what we think is the best price.

Remember, you are better to accept slightly less per week than have another two weeks’ vacancy at the full rate!

Wealth creation

At Tommy’s we want to help you achieve this with these simple steps:

Step 1: 

Never stop looking for ways to improve and add value to your property. Our in-house specialists work closely with our project management team to always offer advice on potential improvements to your properties.

Step 2

We review your portfolio every year, evaluating all aspects of the tenancy and recommending changes to ensure that your property is performing at its maximum potential.

Step 3

We offer great advice on growing your portfolio, we can pass you onto our real estate team should you be interested in adding further properties to your portfolio, both residential and commercial.

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