At Tommy’s our aim is to ensure that your rental tenancy runs smoothly, and that the rental property you have rented through us meets your expectations in every way. Our aim is to ensure that your tenancy of a Tommy’s Wellington rental property is a pleasurable experience and that this is the start of an extended relationship between you, our valued client, and Tommy’s Property Management. 

This page is designed to give you all the info you need to ensure your tenancy with Tommy’s is an enjoyable one.

Tenancy  types

In New Zealand there are two recognised types of NZ tenancy agreements: a periodic tenancy and a fixed-term tenancy. At Tommy’s, the majority of our Wellington rental properties are managed under fixed-term tenancies for one year.


A periodic tenancy is one that continues until either the resident or the owner gives written notice to end the tenancy. A owner can provide either a 63-days notice if they or a family member need to occupy the premises or, a 90-days notice if the property is to be sold or if extensive renovation work is to be carried out. As a Tommy’s resident (tenant) you are required to give a minimum of 28 days’ written notice of your intention to vacate the rental property and end the tenancy.

Fixed term

A fixed-term tenancy lasts for an agreed set period of time which is specified in the tenancy agreement – this is usually one year. Whilst you cannot give notice under a fixed-term tenancy arrangement, if circumstances dictate the need to break the agreement, there will be a ‘break fee’ to pay, and as the resident under a legal and binding agreement you will be required to continue paying rent until the property is re-tenanted. A fixed-term tenancy will only end on the end date if both parties agree, otherwise it will turn into a periodic tenancy.

Resident responsbilities

Under section 40 of the Residential Tenancies Act, you must as a resident:


  • Pay the rent when it is due under the tenancy agreement.
  • Ensure that the premises are occupied principally for residential purposes.
  • Keep the premises reasonably clean and tidy.
  • Notify your property manager as soon as possible after the discovery of any damage to the property.

You must not:


  • Intentionally or carelessly damage, or permit other persons to damage, the property.
  • Interfere with the means of escape from fire or tamper with fire alarms.
  • Use the property for any unlawful purposes.
  • Cause or permit a disturbance to the peace, comfort and privacy of any other residents or persons residing in the neighbourhood.
  • Have more people living at the property than what is stated in your tenancy agreement.
  • Use or allow others to use illegal substances in the property.

Under section 46 of the Residential Tenancies Act neither the owner nor the resident shall alter any locks without the consent of the other party. Residents are also responsible for ensuring the smoke alarms are working during their tenancy and for replacing batteries as required. Tommy’s will ensure they are working before you move in.

As a resident, you can expect the property to be provided and maintained in a reasonable state of repair. If you feel that any maintenance is not being attended to quickly, please contact your Property Manager.

Moving in

The move in process at Tommy’s is straightforward. Once you have completed all the paperwork and the move-in costs have been paid, a time and date will be agreed upon for the keys to be handed over. The move-in costs usually consist of four weeks rent as bond, and then one week in advance, so five weeks upfront. Please ensure you have these funds available. You can pay these either by bank transfer or credit/debit card online. You are able to contact our Wellington property manager for more information around payment.

Tommy’s property managers will either meet you at your new home, or will ask you to come into our office to collect your keys.

Property services

Connections: It is your responsibility to ensure that you have power and broadband connected to your property. However, here at Tommy’s Property Management we have partnered with Renti to connect or transfer your services. Once you have signed your tenancy agreement digitally they will be in touch if you have requested it.

Alternatively you can complete the form on this page and someone will be in touch.

Keys: All keys for the property are provided to you on the day your tenancy commences. If you require more keys for the property, then you can do this at your own cost but these keys must be returned at the end of the tenancy. If you are locked out of the property or have lost your keys we can help during office hours, however outside of office hours then you may have to contact a locksmith directly.

Rubbish and recycling: You must arrange your own rubbish removal from the property. However, you will be provided with a recycling bins. Click Here for Wellington’s collection days.

Gardens: Unless otherwise stipulated in your agreement, the resident is responsible for lawns and gardens. Tree maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. All garden waste must be removed at the end of your tenancy if you are responsible for gardens.

Animals and pets: Pets may only be kept at a premise with written permission from the owner and property manager, and in accordance with local by-laws.

During your tenancy

We hope you love your tenancy with Tommy’s Property Management, however, if at any point you are unhappy about any aspect of your rental tenancy please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page or email us at rentals@tommys.co.nz

Contact us

Paying rent

At Tommy’s our preferred payment methods for rent are automatic bank transfer and credit/debit card payment. We do not take cash or cheque payments for rent as we hold no money at our office. Your property manager can assist you with setting up your rent payments.

As per your Tenancy Agreement, rent is due weekly, in advance and must be paid on or before the due date. Tommy’s Property Management has a strict ‘no arrears policy’. In fairness to our owners and our resident we cannot tolerate non-payment of rent and we will follow the required steps of the Residential Tenancy Act for overdue rent. If for any unforeseen reason a rental commitment cannot be met by the due date, please contact your property manager prior the date payment is due.


At the commencement of a tenancy, the resident will receive a copy of a pre-tenancy inspection, which clearly shows the condition of the property. This may either be a video, written report, or an online 3-D property inspection tour. This inspection is used again at the end of the tenancy when arrangements are being made to refund the bond monies.

Every three months, by arrangement, Tommy’s will conduct a routine inspection to ensure that the property is being maintained to a suitable standard and to identify any additional maintenance issues that need attention. As the resident you will be given up to 14 days’ prior notice (but not less than 48 hours) by email. All routine inspections utilise photography and/or video to document the condition of the property for insurance purposes. This report is only provided to the owner. The resident can also view this on request.

Reporting maintenance

All maintenance matters must be reported immediately. Tommy’s Property Management have partnered up with TAPI and you will be able to log all maintenance issues via Facebook Messenger or our website. If emergency repairs are required, please call your property manager. If it is outside working hours your call will go through to an answer service. We will respond to this as soon as possible.

Lodge a Maintenance Request

We define emergency maintenance as remedial work that requires urgent attention as it may cause further damage to the property or jeopardise the health and safety of the resident.

Any maintenance arranged by yourself without approval of your property manager will likely result in you paying for the repairs, unless there was an extreme emergency.

Property compliance

From the 1st July 2021, all new and renewed tenancies must comply with Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of the commencement or renewal of the tenancy. The standards were introduced to ensure the quality of New Zealand’s rental house stock improves so every resident can live in a safe, warm and dry environment.

The healthy homes standards cover the following:

  • Insulation.
  • Heating.
  • Draft Stopping.
  • Ventilation.
  • Drainage.

Click here. to read more about Healthy Homes provided by Tenancy Services.

Moving out

When it is time to leave your property there are a couple of things that will need to occur. Firstly, your Wellington property manager will arrange a time to complete the end-of-tenancy inspection. Once this has been completed they will then process your bond refund. Once the bond refund is lodged with Tenancy Services, it can take up to 10 working days for the funds to be deposited back into your nominated bank account.

Here are some things to consider when moving out:

  • Ensure all rent and associated accounts are paid and up to date.
  • That the grounds around the property are free of rubbish.
  • If responsible for gardens, that the lawns are mowed and gardens are tidy.
  • That all personal belongings have been removed.
  • That the property has been cleaned well internally.
  • Ensure all lights are working and all broken bulbs have been replaced.
  • Ensure utility accounts have been cancelled or transferred to your new home and final meter readings are taken.
  • Ensure you have notified NZ post of your new address and setup mail redirect if required.
  • That you have cancelled any paid rubbish collection services.
  • That you have returned all keys and fobs to Tommy’s office or your property manager.

We hope to help you again!