Renee Kuiti

Renee Kuiti 

027 215 9555

Renee prides herself on her approachability, honesty and passion for helping her residents into their homes, while also providing outstanding support and reliability to her owners. Renee’s focus is to take the stress away from her owners, all while providing outstanding customer service.

She is an exceptional problem solver, able to tackle issues calmly, clearly and professionally. Renee goes above and beyond for her peers, tenants and landlords.

Having four years experience in property management, Renee undertakes regular training to keep her up to date with changes in legislation, and market trends, ensuring all her clients receive the highest level of service.

Her drive and passion for property management, her cheerful and bubbly personality enhances Renee’s professionalism in dealing with people, all the while consistently demonstrating a positive attitude.

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