Hataitai, Wellington – The Property Managers Guide

Hataitai is the closest family-friendly suburb to Wellington City, only two bus clicks from Courtenay Place.

Really family orientated, good schools, lots of things for kids to do, nice community feel about it. Four-bedroom house with a little bit of flat land, there’s not many places in Wellington where you can get that.

— Kerryn, Karori resident of 11 years

Hataitai is one of Wellington’s inner suburbs, just east of the CBD on the other side of Mount Victoria.


Hataitai is an inner-city suburb of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, 3.5 kilometres southeast of the city centre. The suburb extends over the southeastern flank of Mount Victoria and down a valley between the Town Belt and a ridge along the shoreline of Evans Bay. Hataitai is bounded by Hepara Street, Grafton Road and the suburb of Roseneath in the north, Wellington Harbour in the east, Cobham Drive, Wellington Road and Crawford Road in the south, and Alexandra Road in the west.

Hataitai is on important transport links between the central city and Wellington International Airport, to the south of Evans Bay on the isthmus at Rongotai. It is at the eastern end of the Mount Victoria Tunnel and the bus-only Hataitai Tunnel, built in 1907 for trams, making Hataitai a popular place to live.

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